Procedure for Light Sprinkle Vinyl Chips (Speckles)


  1. Rocks and grass are moved away from concrete allowing the coatings to flow over the sides.
  2. The surface is checked for any grease, oil, and tar which will be removed with a thinner (xyleen).
  3. All concrete is etched with muriatic acid which will remove dirt and grime and open the pours of the concrete for a proper bond.
  4. All concrete is treated with ammonia; this neutralizes any acid left behind.
  5. Cracks and chips on top of the surface will be fixed at no charge but concrete may shift so we cannot guarantee them.
  6. Control joints and along the walls will get a thin bead of caulking to cover any visible gaps or cracks. We do not fill them flush because of the shifting of the concrete. Again we cannot guarantee this caulking.
  7. A coat of epoxy is brushed and rolled on to seal the concrete and act as a great primer.
  8. Clean up and let dry overnight.


  1. Apply custom color and sprinkle chips into wet coating.
  2. Dry and blow lose chips off surface.
  3. Brush and roll Polyurethane UV over the chips.
  4. Aggregate is added for no skid resistance.
  5. Surface can be walked on twenty-four hours after completion.